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We Were Not Spoiled: A Franco-American Memoir

When I am in New Hampshire and Maine during the summer, I can’t help noticing how common French surnames are. To learn more about the reasons and the lives of the French-Canadians who settled in New England, I read We

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Reading a NH Memoir – Without a Map

I like reading local titles when I’m somewhere like New Hampshire. Maybe you do too, so here’s a suggested title for you: Without a Map: A Memoir. I’ve read many memoirs about difficult childhoods, but the teen years could be tough

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Buyer Beware – Caravan 12 X 12 Magnum Pro Instant Canopy

Some years ago, we had 2 of these canopies that we put up over our bikes and kayaks. When it started pouring, both collapsed from the weight of the water that pooled on the top. Luckily no one was under them

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Lots of Rocks

“They have a lot of rocks in NH. I guess that’s why they call it The Granite State.” I made this casual comment on Facebook as I shared the photos below. It shows the jumble of granite boulders and rocks

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Canterbury Shaker Village

If you like experiencing history by walking in the footsteps of long-ago people, you will love Canterbury Shaker Village in New Hampshire. The national historic landmark includes guided tours, a very informative Ken Burns video on the Shakers, and a

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Searching for Ice Cream

Stopping for ice cream is a favorite activity for New Englanders and visitors in the summer. In New Hampshire, a great ice cream cone beckons as you cruise the scenic highways of the state. Slow down going through a town

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I’m Ready for Indian Summer

The last week of August seemed a little cool. My summer was shortened by duties down in Florida that made us miss the first two months of summer. Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt in August made me feel like autumn

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