Making Lobster Rolls

A summertime delight is eating lobster rolls while in Maine or New Hampshire. This was always a treat, to pull into a clam shack and order a lobster roll.

This year, for the first time, I tried making my own. It really isn’t all that hard. Remove the cooked meat from the claws and tail. This is easier after the lobster has cooled so you won’t burn your fingers. Cut it into small chunks.


Cut the lobster into chunks (photo by Virginia Allain)

Add some mayonnaise to stick it all together. Some people like to chop a little celery to stir in but I’m not a big fan of adding that. Sprinkle with some pepper, but you really don’t need much seasoning.

2015-09-07 Karens visit 2015 004

Lobster with mayonnaise and seasoning added

You will need the unique hot dog style buns that you find in New England. I guess you could put it on a croissant or a regular hot dog bun, but it wouldn’t be the same.

2015-09-07 Karens visit 2015 002

New England style hot dog buns are traditional for lobster rolls.

Butter these on the flat sides and then brown them lightly in a frying pan. Make sure the lobster salad is totally ready before you start browning and have your plates set out.

2015-09-07 Karens visit 2015 003

Brown the rolls.

Most people place a lettuce leaf inside the bun to keep the mayo from making the bun soggy. That’s optional. Mine never stays around long enough to get soggy.

2015-09-07 Karens visit 2015 005

Lobster roll and coleslaw for a summer lunch.

Coleslaw is frequently used as a side dish for a lobster roll. Other possibilities are potato salad or baked beans.


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