Naming the NH Mushrooms

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New Hampshire has the most remarkable mushrooms. The colors and shapes amaze me. When you see me bending down in the woods, I’m probably taking a photo of a mushroom. Neighbors even alert me when they spot a new batch in the community, so I head out with my camera to capture them.

yellow mushroom

Yellow mushroom photo by Virginia Allain

I don’t eat them since I have no clue which ones are safe and which ones are dangerous. Recently, I found a Facebook group called, The Mushroom Identification Forum. Great! A group that is as geeky as I am about mushrooms. I show them my photos and usually, someone has the scientific name and even sometimes give tips for cooking it.

Now that I’ve been photographing mushrooms for many summers in New Hampshire, I see a pattern. Some are early, some are mid-summer, some are later, but certain kinds come out about the same time each summer.

They also seem to come up near where I found that mushroom last year. I should study up on this, it could be because the conditions are just right for that particular mushroom in that spot or perhaps there is something with roots or spores from the previous years.

2015-08-26 2015 august 010

Boletellus russellii – Note the shaggy stalk.

old man of the woods mushroom

Old Man of the Woods mushroom


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