Got Skunks?

Maybe you noticed a slight whiff of skunk around your yard. Oh, oh, hopefully, there isn’t one hiding under the shed. Luckily, the black and white striped critters are mostly nocturnal, so you are unlikely to come face-to-face with one unless you are a late-night star-gazer.

This is the time of year when we are more likely to notice skunks. Apparently, the young ones start roaming more in the fall as they become independent. They are less careful about their scent than grown skunks. That’s why you get that slight drift of skunky smell. It’s likely as the young skunk wandered about searching for its nightly meal, it left a little odor behind it.

Skunk Poster Print
Skunk Poster Print by WildlifeAnimals
I forgot to close my Havahart trap this evening. Around 10 pm, I heard the clang of the metal trap door. It was unlikely to be the pesky red squirrel that I wanted to trap. They aren’t usually out after dark. Cautiously, I tiptoed down the steps from the deck and shone my flashlight on the trap. It looked empty.

What a relief. Just then, a skunk hustled away towards the woods. Fortunately, it wasn’t interested in confronting me. I’m guessing that it triggered the trap, but was too big and wasn’t fully inside when the door started down. It must have been after the peanut butter on the inside lever but was able to back out.

That was a lucky escape for the skunk and for me too. I certainly wasn’t anxious to deal with an annoyed skunk in a cage. We learned that lesson the hard way, some years ago. Always close the trap at night.

Skunk inside a catch-and-release trap.

Skunk inside a catch-and-release trap.


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