Shopping Again

Don’t call me a shopaholic, but here’s my second post about a shopping excursion. We stopped at Job Lots in Ossippee on our way up Highway 16. Autumn is here and summer folks need tarps. Job Lots is great with a good stock of various weights and sizes of tarps; just perfect for covering your wood pile or deck furniture.

Of course, their eclectic selection of discount and remainder items entice you into browsing. Before you know it, you’ve filled your cart with the oddest assortment of inessential essentials. I didn’t really need the pumpkin spice flavored biscotti but I sure look forward to dipping the crunchy sticks into my cappuccino.

Nonnis PUMPKIN SPICE Biscotti


Now, I did need the food storage containers for my kitchen and the divided tote to keep my groceries from spilling all over the trunk of my car. The cheese slicer isn’t essential, but will yield nice straight slices of cheese which I can never achieve with a knife.

I sorted through a stack of sturdy plastic trays with graphics of lighthouses, boats, and crabs. When I found the one I wanted, a lobster design, into my cart it went.


Lobster tray found at Job Lots. (photo by Virginia Allain)

We found another tray of bamboo with legs that folded for storage. Great for breakfast in bed which I never do, but I might use it with my laptop on the bed while I prop up my feet.

The khaki slacks from Land’s End for $6 tempted me until I realized they were for 6-foot-tall women. I eyed the birthday cards, the office supplies, and the bathroom rugs. Then, I tossed a down-filled bed pillow into the cart and an herbal, microwave-heated neck wrap. It was $10 cheaper than the one I’d researched on Amazon. Job Lots had some microwavable booties too, but I restrained myself.

The cleaning supplies aisle contributed some solution for the shower’s soap scum. Mundane, but needed. Our cart filled, we checked out and headed home with our discoveries.


I'm a retired librarian...photographer, online content creator, genealogist, and writer. My passion is convincing people to preserve their family history and to write about their childhood memories.

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