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Got Skunks?

Maybe you noticed a slight whiff of skunk around your yard. Oh, oh, hopefully, there isn’t one hiding under the shed. Luckily, the black and white striped critters are mostly nocturnal, so you are unlikely to come face-to-face with one

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Your Cottage in the Woods

HGTV popularized the concept of a “tiny house,” but at Lake Forest RV Resort in New Hampshire, these small cottages have been popular for years. Let’s check out one that’s on the market right now near Great East Lake. The

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Last Chance for Willowbrook Village

I was mad at myself when I heard that Willowbrook Historic Village was closing permanently this fall. For years, I’d intended to visit it and now it was almost too late. Low attendance and funding difficulties force the historic site

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Shopping Again

Don’t call me a shopaholic, but here’s my second post about a shopping excursion. We stopped at Job Lots in Ossippee on our way up Highway 16. Autumn is here and summer folksĀ need tarps. Job Lots is great with a

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Gift Shopping for Myself

I indulged myself with browsing in White and Company Gifts on Friday. What a treasure trove of goodies they carry there! I couldn’t resist one of the silver hearts. The weight of it will serve nicely to hold down a

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