Baby Maples Everywhere

Our New Hampshire camp has gravel in the parts of the yard that aren’t wooded. It makes an easy-to-maintain place with no lawn mower necessary. After all, you come to the New Hampshire woods to hike, kayak or read on the deck, not to push a lawn mower around.

This year, the woods seem to be attempting a takeover of the yard. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of teeny maple seedlings sprang up in May and June, right through the gravel.

reforestation in our yard, baby maple trees

Reforestation in our yard, baby maple trees

Now, in addition to the exercise I get taking walks in the woods, I’m getting lots of bending down exercise. I guess it’s a good way to burn calories as I pull up all these baby trees.

I seem to remember that last year was the takeover attempt by the pine trees. There were fallen pinecones everywhere. The year before, we had an over-abundance of acorns. That bumper crop probably made the squirrels happy. Actually, the squirrels eat the pine cones too, not just the acorns.


2012-04-13 fl to nh 025

Trio of pine cones. (photos by Virginia Allain)

It really makes me wonder how long it would take for the forest to fill in our clearing and obliterate any signs of human habitation.


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One comment on “Baby Maples Everywhere
  1. heytoto says:

    Are you sure that’s not poison ivy?! Love your photos!

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