Lake Cottage – A Home by the Water

Making the Most of a Lake Home

Living by a lake is something many people dream of. There’s something about being near the water that contributes to a feeling of well-being. Seeing the lake is special at different times of day, going out on the water in a boat or canoe, and watching the birds, wildlife, vegetation, and weather.

If you’re lucky enough to be living this dream, here are some tips on decorating and maintaining that lake house. It may be a cottage or a mansion, but time at the lake is a treat for the whole family.


Amphibious plane and various boats at a lake cottage in New Hampshire. (photo by Virginia Allain)


Make Your Cottage Inviting Inside

On HGTV, you see home stagers prepping a house for selling. Those same staging techniques are useful in preparing your lake cottage for visitors or just for your own comfort. Walk through the house looking at all angles as though you’ve never seen it before.

hebert park model (32)

This comfortable futon sofa converts to a bed when guests arrive.

Note the things that need fixing and try rearranging some of the furniture for a better flow. What has gotten shabby? You can replace it, refinish it, or just call it the shabby chic look.

If space is limited, opt for furniture that can do double duty like the futon sofa above. Think of coffee tables that double as storage space, for instance. We have bench seats to go with our dining table. The seat lifts up so you can store placemats, napkins and tablecloths in it.

I like to decorate with found objects like rocks from the shore, some bird feathers that I find on my walks, and my own photos.


Blue jay feather (photo by Virginia Allain)

For a splurge, look for local artists at a craft fair and decorate your space with an original painting of your lake or a woven hanging of an egret or a carving of a loon.



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I'm a retired librarian...photographer, online content creator, genealogist, and writer. My passion is convincing people to preserve their family history and to write about their childhood memories.

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2 comments on “Lake Cottage – A Home by the Water
  1. CristineGzr says:

    Growing up in NH meant someone had a lakefront cottage, from extremely rustic to very cozy. My Grandfather always had one and they were heaven to me. Wonderful post, Virginia, brought back many memories.

  2. heytoto says:

    I love your idyllic summer place by the lake!

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