Kayak Racks Full

Since we arrived earlier than usual at camp, I had hopes that the racks for canoes and kayaks might have space. I was wrong. Even in June, the racks were full. When we want to go for a paddle, we’ll just put the kayaks in the back of the pickup and take them down to the lake.


Canoes and kayaks by the lake (photo by Virginia Allain)

Since more people are indulging their dream of spending the summer in the New Hampshire woods, I surmise that the economy is improving. There are over 100 seasonal residents at our location this year. The owner is preparing some new lots in a previously undeveloped section of Lake Forest Resort.

Of course, the pristine waters of Great East Lake make the place especially attractive for fishing and boating and swimming. An easy way to get out on the lake and enjoy it is in a kayak. It’s much less maintenance, less expensive and lots quieter. There’s the added bonus of getting some exercise along with experiencing the lake up-close-and-personal.


Ginger Allain & Tim Patterson

Ginger Allain and visitor, Tim Patterson, kayaking



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One comment on “Kayak Racks Full
  1. heytoto says:

    Maybe he should think about putting in more kayak racks before luring in even more people!

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