Farm Stand Freshness

The farm stand reopened this week. Of course, we stopped by to get fresh corn to go with our grilled ham steak that evening.

mackenzies farm corn

McKenzie’s Farm roadside vegetable stand near Sanbornville, NH.

I was tempted by the colorful display of yellow squash, lush tomatoes, and crisp cucumbers to load up my refrigerator with more vegetables than we could eat. Hard to restrain yourself when they look so pretty.

We have a choice of stands. The McKenzie Farm stand is on the corner that originally held the yellow corn truck. Now that truck sits diagonally across route 16 and is quite an eye-catcher.  Even the wheels are painted a bright, corn-yellow.

We eat corn-on-the-cob several times a week throughout the summer. Slathering it with butter and adding some freshly ground black pepper makes it mighty tasty.



Photo of fresh corn by Virginia Allain





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