Lights Out!

Last summer a number of violent thunderstorms plagued the camp with awesome lightning strikes. Here’s a memory from those events.

“Sunday included several showers, but we managed to unload the mulch that filled the pickup bed. We relaxed after the work with dinner in the gazebo on the deck. Thunder rumbled in the distance, making us uneasy, so we didn’t dally over our grilled ham, Williamsburg style sweet potatoes and corn on the cob.

Usually, we relax on the deck after dinner, but the rain grew heavier and the thunder sounded closer and closer. Snug inside, we settled in for an evening of Red Sox on the television for hubby and some computer time for me.

red candle

Keep some candles ready for electrical outages, also flashlights and extra batteries.

Finally, the thunder became so threatening, I unplugged my computer for fear of a power surge. Sure enough, after a particularly big thunderclap, we lost all the power in half of our cottage. Had a lightning bolt zapped our electrical system?”

We had candles and flashlights ready for a power outage, so we retreated to our breakfast room to wait out the storm. After the rain subsided, Denny found and restored the blown circuits.

The next day, we found a tree on the golf course showing the unmistakable signs of a lightning strike. It was one of many trees lost to lightning at camp that summer. So far, the summer of 2016 hasn’t had storms as violent as the previous year.

When we went home to Florida, we found a lightning strike caused problems for houses along our street. We spent two weeks having repairs done on our air conditioner, hot water heater, modem and other systems in the house. I’ll remember 2015 as the summer of the lightning.


I'm a retired librarian...photographer, online content creator, genealogist, and writer. My passion is convincing people to preserve their family history and to write about their childhood memories.

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One comment on “Lights Out!
  1. heytoto says:

    We’re having some pretty dramatic thunder/lightning storms here in Kentucky this week. I was sitting outside on the covered portion of a restaurant patio yesterday, enjoying the rain–but then it started getting serious with the lightning and I headed inside. We’ve been losing power briefly this week, too.

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