Chipmunks – Pets or Pests?

How many chipmunks live in your yard? Usually, you see just one at a time, so it’s hard to know. You can be sure that it isn’t just one. More often, there’s a good-sized family of the cute little critters.

Some people enjoy feeding the little guys some peanuts and other treats. With persistence, you’ll even get them to eat from your hand. I have a page about them called Fun Facts about Chipmunks.

Theo the Amigo Chipmunk Collage Photo Cards
Chipmunk Collage Photo Cards

Sometimes the chipmunks get into trouble. They love to dig up flower bulbs and take a bite out of one. They raid the strawberry patch and carry away the whole crop.

Since they create tunnels and burrows, this can undermine steps or even a deck. You’ll see the holes which are slightly larger than a quarter. Worst of all, they sometimes scamper up into the engines of a car and nibble on the wiring. As winter approaches, they might take up residence in the walls or the attic of your house.

If you think the chipmunks have become a pest, I have some suggestions for you at Ten Humane Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks. If you’re totally fed up, there are more drastic solutions at Get Rid of Chipmunks – The Final Solution.

Last summer, I tested out two kinds of live traps and here are the results of my trial,
Chipmunk Trap Comparison Test. I ended up selling the Chipmunkinator trap. It’s the trap that can catch multiple chipmunks. It was a good trap, but we decided to stick with the Havahart for our use.

It’s very much an individual decision if you want to encourage or discourage chipmunks from hanging out at your place. I think the neighbors are sending theirs over to our yard this summer. There seem to be more than ever before.


I'm a retired librarian...photographer, online content creator, genealogist, and writer. My passion is convincing people to preserve their family history and to write about their childhood memories.

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