Pick Blueberries at a Pick-Your-On-Farm

It’s a wonderful excursion for the whole family to pick blueberries at a pick-your-own farm. No special skills are needed, just bring your container(s). Here’s how to indulge your blueberry craving.

Things You’ll Need:

a small plastic bucket or container
a hat and sunglasses and sunscreen
a non-rainy day

Picking blueberries at Blueberry Hill near Sanford, Maine.

Picking blueberries at Blueberry Hill near Sanford, Maine.

  • Find the nearest pick-your-own blueberry farm. See the link below. Take a scenic drive through the country to the farm. Park the car and find out where to go to start picking. They might weigh your container before you start.
  •   Ride on the trailer or walk to the designated picking area. Spread out from other pickers and start picking.
  • Choose the ripest berries, the ones that are a dark blue. Watch out for berries that feel slightly soft as they will spoil quickly.
  • Stop every so often and sort through the top layer of the bucket. Remove leaves, soft berries and unripe berries. Check where the family members are, so you don’t get too separated.
  • If the berries seem sparse on the bushes, another picker may have found it first. Usually there are good-sized berries on the top and deep in the bush that a lazy picker missed. You can always move to another row or go further down the row to find fresh areas to pick.
  • Once the family’s containers are filled, rendezvous back at the starting point. The staff will weigh your blueberries and collect payment.

Tips & Warnings

You can take a tailgate picnic along to eat before starting to pick.
If family members have cell phones, use them when you get separated and can’t find each other. If no cell phones, then just plan to return to the same spot at a pre-set time.
Warning: Don’t make any stops on the way home. You don’t want the blueberries losing freshness while in a hot car.

Check for a Pick-Your-Own-Farm near you. If you need some recipes, try this Blueberry Recipe site.


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