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Going Fishing?

A friend has his fishing boat for sale, so I’m featuring it on my blog.

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Lights Out!

Last summer a number of violent thunderstorms plagued the camp with awesome lightning strikes. Here’s a memory from those events. “Sunday included several showers, but we managed to unload the mulch that filled the pickup bed. We relaxed after the

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What to Do with That Old Tree Stump?

Sometimes when they remove a tree, a hefty stump remains. Eventually that will weather and decay, but often it remains for years as an unwanted reminder to the absent tree. What to do? Sometimes I put a pot with flowers

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Chipmunks – Pets or Pests?

Chipmunks can be fun to watch but are they digging up your flowers or getting into the walls of your house?

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Indian Pipe Plant: A Ghostly Wild Plant

Learn about This White, Unusual Woodland Plant – Indian Pipe Plants Walking in the New Hampshire forests, I spotted an odd-looking plant, Later I learned this white, fleshy looking plant was called Indian Pipes. It grows in shady areas where

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Pick Blueberries at a Pick-Your-On-Farm

It’s a wonderful excursion for the whole family to pick blueberries at a pick-your-own farm. No special skills are needed, just bring your container(s). Here’s how to indulge your blueberry craving. Things You’ll Need: a small plastic bucket or container

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A Very Tempting Summer Cottage

A friend of ours put their cottage on the market. We’ll be sad to see them go. I’ll bet that someone will pounce on their ever-so-desirable summer place. Here’s a picture of it. Below¬†are more views of this pristine retreat.

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