Are There Snakes in NH?

My husband told me that I didn’t have to worry about poisonous snakes in New Hampshire. I heard the “no” and the “snakes” and felt free to tromp through the woods without worries.

Then my neighbor shared a picture of a four-foot long snake she saw behind her cottage. Only a garter snake but of an impressive size. Who knew garter snakes could get that large.

snake in New Hampshire

Bette Arnold’s photo of the garter snake

A few weeks later, I had the chance to observe the same snake. At least I’m hoping it’s the same one who just wandered over to our yard. I’m hoping he heads out into the deep woods and doesn’t hang around here.

Here's the photo I took of the snake in my yard. I'm pretty sure it's a match for Bette's snake.

Here’s the photo I took of the snake in my yard. I’m pretty sure it’s a match for Bette’s snake.

It’s actually beneficial to have a snake like this around to eat insects, grubs, etc. If you are phobic about snakes, jump further down in the blog to see pretty scenery pictures and butterflies.


I'm a retired librarian...photographer, online content creator, genealogist, and writer. My passion is convincing people to preserve their family history and to write about their childhood memories.

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